Atcom’s Checklist for Cyber Security and Breach Prevention

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Today’s blog is about Cyber Security in your business. I’ve condensed into an article and a checklist (skip to Download Atcom’s Checklist for Cyber Security and Breach Prevention) what I think is important for you to know right now. Cyber Security is about the security of data, information, systems and technology. It includes theft, damage, misdirection, interruption and globally costs business billions of dollars and hours and hours of time and stress. We will talk about how it affects you personally, in business and globally, why it is happening right now and what you can do. More than one Security […]

#cyberattack – Cyber Security – Update Systems

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In the wake of the recent NHS cyber attack “WannaCry”, please be extra cautious opening emails in the morning! Spread the word! Cyber security flaws can be costly. If your computer or server has not restarted in a while, it isn’t patched either! *Update 15 May 2017: WannaCry variants are already out which extend this issue into more countries. This ransomware is spread via network with open services. If you are running Windows 8, XP or Vista download the correct patch from Microsoft Update Services. Windows 7 and 10 users, unless you are forcefully preventing updates, you should be up […]

Email real or scam? – Federal Court

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No, you haven’t been subpoenaed. (Unless, of course, you have). This image shows an email our client received today. I’ve created a quick checklist to see if an email is real or scam. DO NOT CLICK LINKS DO NOT ALLOW PICTURES TO DOWNLOAD ARE YOU EXPECTING THIS EMAIL? Google for: “scam the federal court of australia” The from email address – – I doubt the Federal Court would send from this address. The two links in red, hover your mouse over the link without clicking and you can see where the link will go. Here I have added it […]

Ransomware Alert

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Ransomware Alert Hi everyone. We’ve just received word from our friends at Trend Micro that a new version of TorrentLocker is doing the rounds disguised as a fake Australia Post website. We advise users: Do NOT enter Captcha codes to any postal tracking site. Do NOT open attachments from emails you aren’t expecting. Confirm the URL in the address bar in your browser for any website you visit. Alert us immediately if you receive any suspicious email –

Trojan encrypting networks

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We’ve now had several cases of a Trojan infecting PCs and encrypting local user data, as well as data on shared server drives. If you see an error message like this, please turn off your computer and get in touch with your IT support immediately. This program will silently reach out to the Internet to download executables, which will in turn encrypt your data and hold it to ransom. If caught early enough, it is possible to recover data. However, always ensure you have a good disaster recover solution in place.

Dodgy tech support callers

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We’ve had several reports of calls received from people claiming to be from “Microsoft” or “Telstra”, on numbers like 0011 976 000. The caller will claim your PC is infected or has errors and will offer to fix you up remotely. You will then be directed to install a remote support tool, which will give the caller complete access to all your data. Usually, they will walk you through to the Windows event log (shown below) and claim these errors are breaking your computer. These errors are mostly normal Windows behaviour, and nothing to be concerned about unless you are […]