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Instead of reinventing the wheel when it comes to knowledge about computer technology, take a read of some of the things that ATCOM has found over the years. 

Atcom’s Checklist for Cyber Security and Breach Prevention

Today’s blog is about Cyber Security in your business. I’ve condensed into an article and a checklist (skip to Download Atcom’s Checklist for Cyber Security …

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#cyberattack – Cyber Security – Update Systems

In the wake of the recent NHS cyber attack “WannaCry”, please be extra cautious opening emails in the morning! Spread the word! Cyber security flaws …

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Software Asset Management – we’ve got this

Have you heard of Software Asset Management before? Software management answers questions such as these: Could we be paying for too many licenses? Do we …

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The Cost-Benefit argument for Cloud Computing

THE CLOUD is a buzzword invented a few years ago and is loosely defined as internet based computing. As time has gone on, Cloud Computing …

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Atcom’s guide to buying a business computer

Purchasing a business computer for the office is not something that is done for fun, impulsively or frivolously. Generally you need a new device because …

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SEO TIP Practicing what I Preach – Context and Text

SEO is not ADWORDS but the two are not mutually exclusive. The intention of this post is to show one important feature of SEO. Consequently, …

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