Software Asset Management – we’ve got this

Have you heard of Software Asset Management before? Software management answers questions such as these: Could we be paying for too many licenses? Do we have enough licenses to cover all users? When is the software license expiry date? Do we have user licenses or device licenses and what is the difference? Are we paying for new versions and not using them? Will I extend the warranty before it expires? Have unused licenses been cancelled? If you have answered, “I don’t know”, to any of the above questions, please contact Atcom right now to complete a software audit to get you on track.

Software Asset ManagmentHere at Atcom Technology we offer full Software Asset Management for all your business servers, systems, devices and peripherals that require any kind of renewals. You will always be ready for your renewals and there wont be unexpected invoices. You definitely will not be paying for subscription software that you do not use. With software management in place there will be no chance of being legally penalised by the any of the software corps.

What is Software Asset Management?

Software Asset Management is the part of  IT asset management that manages all software requirements. This includes checking quantities at renewal and increasing or decreasing as required; deploying software to specific users; checking software versions are appropriate and not conflicting; removing unused software; ensuring maintenance contracts are up to date and if they are necessary; and most importantly making sure that clients are not paying for software that they are not using.

Software requiring asset / renewal management

Antivirus Software: Trend Micro; Sophos; Vipre, etc.

Office Software: O365 Business; PDF Software; Password management software; tracking software.

Operating System Software: Server Client Access Licenses (Microsoft); Open Licensing (Microsoft); SQL access licenses; Remote access licenses.

Functional Software: MYOB, BEAMS, Accounting/bookwork software; Autocad/ Archicad; Adobe.

Infrastructure Software/Renewals: Firewalls; Security certificates; Cloud access renewals, Dropbox for business.

Emails: Google for Business; O365 Exchange; Hosted Exchange.

Internet: ISP connection speeds/usage with or without contracts.

Currently, most Information Technology structure and software is provided by a subscription. Businesses grow and shrink over the course of the year requiring additional or less software. Paying for licenses that are unnecessary is a fast way to burn much needed cash flow. Conversely, there are fines imposed as well as legal fees to consider for improper licensing regardless of your understanding of the licensing agreement. Even though we or our clients have not come across this, we are reminded through the channel of the exorbitant amounts of the fines. Let’s avoid that.

Contact us for a Software Asset checkup to keep on top of your subscriptions.