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Malissa Fonte

Business Emails Briefly O365, GoogleApps, Hosted exchange, exchange on premise

Email is an integral part of most of business these days with many businesses actually conducting most stages of their workflow through email and/or email clients. Business email use is not the same as personal email use, where personal use is trending towards predominate mobile usage. While businesses are including mobile email access in their […]

Atcom’s Checklist for Cyber Security and Breach Prevention

Today’s blog is about Cyber Security in your business. I’ve condensed into an article and a checklist (skip to Download ) what I think is important for you to know right now. Cyber Security is about the security of data, information, systems and technology. It includes theft, damage, misdirection, interruption and globally costs business billions […]

Domain Name Corp SCAM

A client recently received this letter (below) in the (snail) mail and very quickly emailed me asking whether they should pay. As Atcom manages their domain, I know for certain that this client does not have a business agreement with another domain provider. But, how can you check for yourself? Letters like this come into […]