Domain Name Corp SCAM

A client recently received this letter (below) in the (snail) mail and very quickly emailed me asking whether they should pay. As Atcom manages their domain, I know for certain that this client does not have a business agreement with another domain provider. But, how can you check for yourself? Letters like this come into your email and physical mail often. They are SCAMs.

Let’s look into the letter more closely:


  1. Have you ever had any dealings with this company in the past? If you check your Accounts Payable statements, do they exist?
  2. Notice this letter says “DOMAIN NAME AVAILABLE” it is telling you in a very similar way to an invoice (see point 6) that there is a domain name available.
  3. The domain name is a .com -> this particular client owns the domain, they do not have the .com. If you DO want the .com, please contact Atcom to register your domain and we will sort it for you and check if it is available. It is possible that the domain may not be available at all!
  4. $249 for a domain name!! This is ridiculous! Domain names are from $30 to $80
  5. “This is an invitation to register If you are the proprietor and do not wish to register, disregard this letter” – at the bottom there is a small disclaimer, letting you in on the secret. Domain Name Corp has sent you an unsolicited note asking if you want to register a domain name that may not be available at an inflated price.
  6. The word ‘Invoice’ does not appear on this letter. In Australia, for an invoice to be a legal document there are specific requirements. If these requirements are not met, you do not have to pay. One of the requirements is that the words TAX INVOICE must be present. Check the other invoice requirements if you are interested.

What is the worst that could happen? You will be overcharged. If you want to move your domain name it will take a very long frustrating time, multiple emails and phone calls. This company is getting your business in a fraudulent manner – do you trust them with your credit card details?

What should I do if I receive this letter? Report it to ScamWatch and then throw it away. Some help in filling in the ScamWatch form below.

  • What type of scam: False billing
  • How you were contacted: Mail or Email
  • What losses? Not applicable – unless you did pay, then financial.
  • Briefly Describe: I received a document that is made to look like an invoice but is not. I have not asked for the domain name or have any dealings with Domain Name Corp, as such this letter is unsolicited. The price is much more than it should be. This letter is clearly intending to deceive me by making it look like an invoice that I have to pay for my domain name.

We are happy to check anything over for you if you are ever uncertain. Always here to help and Get I.T. done.