Real Technology Support for Business

We are here to help you use technology to meet your business goals in budget and without issue.  Your business success is always our primary focus and working with you to develop and maintain your secure workplace for productivity is our pleasure.

Are you: A Small to Medium Business in Perth metro area?

We manage over 100 small to medium businesses in the Perth metropolitan area. Most of our business clients have 15 - 40 managed users.

Do you: Use technology as a critical part of your business?

We know technology, therefore, we know your business processes are important to meet your business goals.

Can you: Securely send your workforce to work from home in 15 minutes?

Everything we do, we do with your security front of mind. Our average work from home set-up is 15 minutes!

Client Love

Outstanding Customer Service

Firstly, the Atcom Technology team are hugely customer oriented. We aim to provide easy to understand information while, showing our friendly and fun-loving nature to ensure that your team always understands and is satisfied with our work.

Single Bill

Secondly, our billing occurs on a monthly basis allowing you to budget your IT needs. Unlike many other IT companies, our monthly maintenance plans include most of the miscellaneous maintenance tasks that occur in daily operation. You can put the bill shock behind you and continue to work without the need for constant billing inquiries.

Doing More with Less Expense

Thirdly, our monthly maintenance plans include a set amount of time built into them so that when urgent issues arise you are covered. The set payments on our maintenance plans ensure that you can safely budget without running into unexpected charges. Say goodbye to being billed for every 5-minute call that you make to our team and say hello to smooth operation!

No More Sleepless Nights

Finally, our round the clock monitoring takes the worry out of your hands. Rest assured that if something does go wrong our team will be advised immediately and will work at resolving any problems before they impact your ability to work. We take our commitment to ensuring you can work extremely seriously so you can leave your worries at the office and let us take care of them for you.

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