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Need to have your network looked after?

With more businesses allowing working from home situations or providing wi-fi access to patrons, it is more important than ever to have a good idea of what you have, to protect it.

Traditional Wired Networks

Where you building has been wired for a computer network

National Broadband Network

We have two preferred Retail Service Providers – Aussie Broadband & Future Broadband

Voice Over IP

Our friendly technicians have vast experience switching over from traditional telephony to VoIP Systems.

Wi-Fi Networks

Whether you are providing access to the internet form your staff or patrons, using our preferred system enables you to do this

Network Remote Access

We provide Working From Home solutions for business that are secure and set up rapidly

Allow us to Manager your Network

From providing network solutions to replace traditional telephony such as Voice over IP or access to the internet
Setting up remote access for you employees
Providing Wireless Mesh networks for your patrons if you are in the Hospitality Industry

Each of our clients have individual support requirements and we cater to all of them.

What do I need to do to get started?

Every business is different and has different needs in regards to support. Below is a generalisation based on most business circumstances in our experience.

Internet Connectivity
Internet Connectivity

You need good access to the Internet to provide a good internal network


Reasons for why you would like to have your networks managed.
What Business problems is it going to solve?
What are your expectations?

Resources & Requirements
Resources & Requirements

What is the current state of your technology as well as what infrastructure you have?


How soon do you want to move to our services

Quotation Period
Quotation Period

Once we have all your information & requirements we provide a quote for you to review.
Any changes that need to be made are done before acceptance.
Client accepts quote


Depending on the service it can be as little as 1 business day to up to 21 business days

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