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VoIP Phones Save Money

Case Study

By transferring to an NBN Cloud VoIP Solution this Construction Company saved 100s of dollars in phone call related costs.
Construction Company - new home building, home renovations and granny flat construction in the $250000-$500000, SMB - 17 personnel, Perth metro - Balcatta and Claremont.

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  • VoIP compatible Phones


The Construction Company had a monthly bill for 17 handsets over two locations of $1000. This put limitations on working from home and portability. There are multiple business entities within this Construction Company and the cost of 5 handsets averaged to $50 per month on calls each.

Client Requests

  • All phones able to transfer calls.

  • Able to transfer calls to mobile phones.

  • Reception able to park up to 3 calls at a time.

  • Use existing hold music and voice over messages. 3 direct in-dial numbers.

  • Able to use existing extension numbers for each handset.


The current technology of Polycom handsets, a POE switch using an NBN 100/40 account on two sites with Future Broadband was not allowing the working from home or portability the Construction Company was after. There was also a considerable cost reduction that would be beneficial to the Construction Company.

Our Solution

Our solution was to provide a Cloud VoIP using YeaLink Handsets. A Reception handset as well as walkabout cordless phones. 5 handsets were put on an unlimited plan $30.00 ex GST per month, whilst 12 handsets were put on the unlimited saver at $7.oo per month. This plan includes all local calls and a reduced rate for mobiles. With the COVID-19 crisis the 5 unlimited plans was reduced to 2 with monitoring of usage. All handsets can transfer calls to any other handset. All handset are able to be pre-programmed with numbers on each handset. These numbers are both internal and external to the Construction Company.

When setting up the Cloud VoIP solution we created direct In-dials for the businesses as well as the Supervisor who deals directly with his vendors. All other handsets are allowed to pickup up calls if there is no answer.

After porting over to the solution, we consulted with the Construction Company to remove any unwanted numbers as the previous provider would not do so prior to the porting of the numbers Installation of POE switches occurred in January in preparation for VoIP install, and a superior Business grade NBN plan from Future Broadband already implemented.

the Result

Phone bills have now been reduced to $270.00 per month with an easy to use, easy to transfer solution. The walk about cordless phones can be taken home or away with an Internet connection allowing communication to flow as though the office - this is ideal for COVID-19 quarantine, business continuity, working sick days etc.

Lessons Learnt

Client phone bills aren’t always obviously showing whether the site is on Category A or Category C, this particular invoice had no obvious signs of a CAT C however in retrospect there were a couple of things which should have prompted questions. One is their existing number ending in same digits and the other is a substantial invoice line item under a heading “costs”. Incumbent providers don’t always give this information up front, and it is only in the attempted Category A number port that it is discovered that it is actually Category C once the PNV is rejected and the full list of numbers required to port is produced.