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Email Nightmare to Microsoft 365

Case Study

When you cannot untangle the web of email usernames plus passwords, when staff move on or access their email from mobile devices.
Small Business in Pinjarra Western Australia, with 7 Office employees. The manufacture and install Marina Pontoons Australia Wide.

  • 20201101
  • Asset Management, Product Sales, Team Productivity
  • Microsoft 365 without Cloud Exchange


A Small Business in Pinjarra Western Australia, with 7 Office employees. They manufacture and install Marina Pontoons Australia Wide. They were having trouble with how their email was set up with a previous vendor, which made it hard to update email accounts for users as they joined or left the business.

Client Requests

To get access to emails, remove users no longer required and add new users as required and find the location of passwords. A new user was starting and needed email as soon as possible.


The Client had their emails managed in GoDaddy. They didn't know their usernames or passwords nor did they have access to their domain names and website credentials, even though they regularly paying their invoices. They needed new email addresses, be able to remove unused email addresses as well as have email accounts added to devices such as mobile phones. There was no security on the emails or backups and as businesses rely so much on business information held on IT infrastructure, the risk of losing this data was extreme. Their current technology included

  • NBN connection plus
  • older and multiple versions of Microsoft Office.

Our Solution

We consolidate all IT information so it was available in one place. By liaising with Godaddy and incumbent web developer, we were able to regain full access to all credentials. We moved the website (see "Too many domains to be effective") , domain names and DNS over to Atcom Hosting. When this was in place we were able to migrate all email accounts over to Microsoft Office 365, backup the information up and either share or remove past users. We added the new user and setup the email accounts on all the devices and on mobile devices. We applied our best practices security scripts and configured a remote backup solution. The Microsoft Office software is now the same version for everyone and they also have the added ability to use SharePoint for cloud document storage and backup.

the Result

The Client and their employees are now able to trust their email solution.

Lessons Learnt

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