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Is your team over many locations?

Does your team need better ways to collaborate?
Has COVID-19 meant that your team is working from home?
Technology can help your team do just that.

Team Communications

Being able to chat to your team members from your desktop, host an online meeting, share information across a team site

Office Applications

Provision of desktop web and mobile versions of software to provide real-time coauthoring by multiple users in the same document.
Always having the most up-to-date versions of the software

File Storage & Sharing

Access and sync files across multiple devices, securely share documents with only those team members who have the right permissions. Share documents via link to external contacts via a link

Email & Calendars

Be able to chare your calendar, meeting times as well as schedule meetings with team members.
Have shared calendars between team members, as well as have their email available on mutliple devices.

Allow us to Provide Team Productivity Tools to your business

Provide effective communication tools for your team
Ensure all your projects, important documents and digital assets are in sync
Accessing your documents and digital assets anywhere
Provide access to any other cloud based software your business requires

Each of our clients have individual support requirements and we cater to all of them.

What do I need to do to get started?

Every business is different and has different needs in regards to support. Below is a generalisation based on most business circumstances in our experience.

Internet Connectivity
Internet Connectivity

Without good connectivity to the Internet cloud services become ineffective


What are you looking for in getting team productivity software.
What business challenges is it going to solve?
What are your expectations?

Resources & Requirements
Resources & Requirements

What is the purpose of the technology that you are currently using?


How soon do you want to this services

Quotation Period
Quotation Period

A quote based on your requirements.
Any adjustments to the quote that need to done before acceptance.

Client accepts quote


Our technicians organise implementation to the cloud.
Implementation can take from 2-5 Business days

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