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Add a custom password to Teamviewer

Back again with another how-to. This is a follow on which covered how to exit our Teamviewer remote support tool in order to use a version from another supplier. This guide will instead show you how to create a custom password so that you don’t have to switch tools. Again, this should only be required if someone you trust is requesting access to your PC, for example to support your software.

1. Find the TeamViewer icon in your task tray. Right click to open the menu, and left click to open the “Options”.

Fig 1: Showing “Options” on context menu

2. Click “Security” then click “Manage additional Passwords”. Note the next option there, which is “Random password (for spontaneous access)”, which will generate a random password you can use for one-off support.

Fig 2: Next step to manage password.

3. Click “Add”, then enter an Identifier (a name you will recognize) and enter the same password that you want to create, twice. Click “Add” to confirm the entry and then close all windows.

Fig 3: Add new identifier and password

4. Return to the Teamviewer task tray icon, click “Show status dialog”. This will show you your ID.

Fig 4: Return team viewer to task tray.

5. You can now provide the person you would like to be able to connect with the ID and custom password, and they’ll have remote access to your PC.