Atcom’s Checklist for Cyber Security and Breach Prevention

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Today’s blog is about Cyber Security in your business. I’ve condensed into an article and a checklist (skip to Download Atcom’s Checklist for Cyber Security and Breach Prevention) what I think is important for you to know right now. Cyber Security is about the security of data, information, systems and technology. It includes theft, damage, misdirection, interruption and globally costs business billions of dollars and hours and hours of time and stress. We will talk about how it affects you personally, in business and globally, why it is happening right now and what you can do. More than one Security […]

Software Asset Management – we’ve got this

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Have you heard of Software Asset Management before? Software management answers questions such as these: Could we be paying for too many licenses? Do we have enough licenses to cover all users? When is the software license expiry date? Do we have user licenses or device licenses and what is the difference? Are we paying for new versions and not using them? Will I extend the warranty before it expires? Have unused licenses been cancelled? If you have answered, “I don’t know”, to any of the above questions, please contact Atcom right now to complete a software audit to get […]