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Hardware Management

Case Study

A Study concerning a boutique building company requiring a hardware refresh. This refresh was require to bring their technology into this century. When you are using outdated hardware, it becomes difficult to source parts and keep it running and secure
Construction Industry - Boutique Home Builder

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  • Asset Management, Product Sales
  • Beams, Clickhome, Microsoft 365 with Cloud Exchange
  • HP Servers with Latest MS Server, Desktops with Latest Windows 10


Company X has had Atcom looking after its hardware and software for more than 5 years. It recently came to life through a hardware audit that the hardware was coming to end of life. The Atcom team put together a plan for the upgrading of hardware, including the moving of their Beams software to a new server inclusive of their database.

Client Requests

The Client had no specific requests for this update.


As part of the management of the hardware by Atcom Technology, there is a set upgrading cycle for clients. When Client X came up for refreshment of their technology, a team member conducted an audit to establish a plan of action.

Our Solution

Client X decided to purchase the hardware outright, so the replacement hardware and upgraded / new software would need to fit into their specified budget. To settle their hardware needs, required backups of databases and files, the following was purchased, software installed then setup on site.

  • 1 HP server with 2 virtual hosts with MS SQL and virtual hosting installed.
  • 6 HP desktops
  • Moved Beams and Clickhome software to new servers.
  • Changed their office software to O365 including mail via the cloud exchange from Google G-Suite.

the Result

The new virtual servers and improved network performance has allowed for better productivity with the office and for their staff on building sites.

Lessons Learnt

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