ATCOMs favourite Windows 10 features

We know that some people are dragging their feet about upgrading to Windows 10, the latest and greatest offering for the Microsoft desktop operating system. According to Microsoft and other third-party calculations, 292 million systems are powered by the new OS, which is still less than a year old. If you’re someone who likes to hold off on upgrading, we’d like to offer a few of our favourite features of the new OS to perhaps spur you on.

Don’t forget you only have until July 29 this year to obtain the upgrade for free (for qualifying existing installations).


Improved search and Cortana.

The ability to hit the “Start” button on my keyboard, start typing and search the computer, network or Web. No need to open an Explorer window, and struggle with search terms to find a file that’s been buried for years. No need to open a browser, head to Google, and filter through search results. The ability to actually speak to the computer via Cortana, have her add or update Calendar appointments, alert you when you need to leave for a meeting, and even offer traffic advice is amazing. For a chuckle, ask her to “say something sexy”.

Screenshots of Cortana


Improved Task switcher and app handling.

Windows has had the “Alt+Tab” functionality for what seems like forever – the ability to use a keyboard shortcut to flick between a list of your open apps. Windows 10 improves upon this with bigger thumbnails of your screens so you can see the window you’re looking for – handy if you have a bunch of the same program open (like in Excel). The window snapping feature is much improved as well, with the option to split your screen with another app while snapping.

Task switcher

snap improvements


Improved (returned) Start menu.

Finally a proper Start menu without a third part hack!Β Pinning apps to the new Start menu beats cluttering up a desktop anyday. Live tiles are a super handy way to access information quickly. Add the ability to adapt to different situations, like having many apps pinned or just a few, or even none. No confusing Start “screen” while working on a desktop. A familiar interface, with improved functionality.

Image of the Start menu


Moving back in.

Coming from a fruity device to the Windows environment again is like coming home on a cold wintery day. Simplicity of setup. A familiar interface but with changes that make sense. Syncing via a Microsoft account and adding Office 365 for extra functionality. Seamless interaction with a Server 2012 R2 environment. A rolling update release with constant new features thatΒ normal people actually want to use. No messing around with hardware drivers or constant headaches to get up and running. Windows 10 out of the box is a dream come true.

Office apps in All apps list