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Part of our goal is to save you money while streamlining the support you and your team receive. Our maintenance plans allow us to be available when you need us and stay out of the way when everything is running smoothly. These plans provide you with immediate support that comes with an in-house support team and in the mean time saving you money by cutting out the idle time that appears when your IT systems are operational

Asset Management

With asset management functionality built into our monitoring software we can provide a detailed list of the equipment at your site. We use this information to identify devices that should be replaced due to age, ensure that your software is correctly licensed and provide suggestions as to what should be your next priority for advancement.


VOIP & NBN Services

With extensive NBN (National Broadband Network) switch over experience our technicians can get you migrated and fully operational in no time! We can also provide you with a VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone system which is fully compatible with the NBN.


Web Site Services

Our Web Specialists are able design and develop your website ensuring that it is safe and secure on our hosting platform. If you already have a website, our Web Specialists can organise the transfer of your website and add in any necessary software to ensure that your site is safe and secure.


Domain Management

Our hosting services allow us to manage all your online business requirements. From mail records through to domain and website hosting we can assist and maintain your online presence to ensure that you are visible on the world wide web


Cloud Computing

Take your business to the cloud, where your team will be able to work from anywhere, with access to all your business tools at hand. Cloud servers, virtual desktops and online software licensing can make your office available to all staff from any location if you wish!
Utilising customised solutions with Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business, One Drive, SharePoint and Azure Cloud Services you can keep your team connected through email, shared calendars, and team chat while maintaining space for all your files.


Hardware as a Service

Atcom provides hardware at a reasonable monthly cost without having to purchase. With our vast provider network, we can supply what you want, when you want it. We have a device to suit your needs.


Data Loss Mitigation

We use multiple backup and data loss mitigation systems in place. These include an onsite backup solution to provide fast, reliable backups in house, an offsite backup at a secure location as decided with you and redundant backup systems that provide an extra layer of data loss prevention. Part of our backup procedures also includes regular testing to ensure that data can be recovered successfully if it is ever required.



Our managed security services monitor for and prevent most issues from ever arising. Our team receives notifications if anti-virus programs are out of date and automatically applies the updates when available. Our email filtering reduces the amount of spam that arrives in your inbox and prevents most serious threats from ever reaching you. Our other security systems can further secure your network to ensure that you are protected against malicious behaviour from automated or targeted attacks. These systems are also automated so your staff does not need to do anything special to be protected!



Here at Atcom Technology we don’t subscribe to a single business plan. Every business is different and as such we work with you and your team to tailor a custom support strategy that suits both your needs and functionality.


Infrastructure Reviews

Our ongoing commitment to your team includes regular infrastructure reviews. These reviews highlight the need for new network equipment to future proof your network. Ensuring that your network operates smoothly is at the core of ensuring your other IT systems run effectively.


Managed IT Services

Through our remote monitoring software, we can monitor devices for issues, install software remotely and provide infrastructure tweaks as needed. This allows us to maintain your devices without the need to interrupt users and provide proactive support to prevent issues from appearing.


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