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The place to get all your documents, forms and support.

Documentation & Forms

Documents to on-board and off-board employees as they join and leave your business

For on boarding a new employee fill out our New Employee User Form to ensure that all the accounts and software they require is set up.

Whilst Covid-19 has become our new ‘normal’  give your employees the  option to work from home by completing our Working From Home Form

When and employee finishes working for you, complete the Employee Exit Form, to ensure all their accounts have been cancelled or transferred according to your requirements

Everyone loves feedback and here at Atcom we love it too. Let us know how we are doing so we can keep on improving.

Software Links

Links to portals and support software used by your staff / employees, and our Technicians.

Requesting Client Support

To request support from our technicians,  just give us a call on
1300 500 577 or email us at

via TeamViewer, download here

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