Case Studies

Too many domains to be effective

The client came to Atcom Technology for managed IT services, and atcomHost was tasked with moving their existing website to our hosting solution.

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Moving a high flyer

Resurrecting a website that had disappeared from the WWW, so the Company can obtain leads to follow up.

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Move your business from the office to any location

Being able to move your office to any location at the drop of a hat, whilst being seamless and easy to do.

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Email Nightmare to Microsoft 365

When you cannot untangle the web of email usernames plus passwords, when staff move on or access their email from mobile devices.

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VOIP Phones Save Money

By transferring to an NBN Cloud VoIP Solution this Construction Company saved 100s of dollars in phone call related costs.

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Business Continuity – Working From Home

This study looks at how to nimbly implement working from home when a national crisis hits.

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