Traffic Infringement Email Scam Again

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They keep trying to get you, this one almost will. Except for one thing, ok except for a couple things. 1. Federal Police will never send you a speeding fine 2. WAPOL WILL NEVER EMAIL A FINE TO YOU! It doesn’t matter how legitimate this email looks, it is a fake. If in doubt, contact WA Police infringements yourself and check the infringement number. DO NOT click the links in the email.

Domain Name Corp SCAM

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A client recently received this letter (below) in the (snail) mail and very quickly emailed me asking whether they should pay. As Atcom manages their domain, I know for certain that this client does not have a business agreement with another domain provider. But, how can you check for yourself? Letters like this come into your email and physical mail often. They are SCAMs. Let’s look into the letter more closely: Have you ever had any dealings with this company in the past? If you check your Accounts Payable statements, do they exist? If no, this is most likely an […]

Email real or scam? – Federal Court

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No, you haven’t been subpoenaed. (Unless, of course, you have). This image shows an email our client received today. I’ve created a quick checklist to see if an email is real or scam. DO NOT CLICK LINKS DO NOT ALLOW PICTURES TO DOWNLOAD ARE YOU EXPECTING THIS EMAIL? Google for: “scam the federal court of australia” The from email address – – I doubt the Federal Court would send from this address. The two links in red, hover your mouse over the link without clicking and you can see where the link will go. Here I have added it […]