The Cost-Benefit argument for Cloud Computing

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THE CLOUD is a buzzword invented a few years ago and is loosely defined as internet based computing. As time has gone on, Cloud Computing is more accepted and less mysterious and is heard in many everyday conversations. This article discusses cloud software and does not go into cloud infrastructure, that is an article for another time.   Your first consideration with Cloud computing will be your internet speed and reliability.     If you have great internet, consider Cloud computing. Moving to O365 exchange from on-premise exchange will save you pennies. ‘Bang for Buck’, O365 Exchange or Business Premium […]

Atcom’s guide to buying a business computer

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Purchasing a business computer for the office is not something that is done for fun, impulsively or frivolously. Generally you need a new device because the old one has broken; the old one is tooo sloooow; you’ve purchased a new version of CAD software for 3D rendering; you have a new employee; you want an additional device for another office; or, you need to be portable for meetings, traveling, sales, supervisor etc. Please contact us to chat about your new computer requirements, we want to ensure your new PC is your best employee to help your business grow. What is […]

SEO TIP Practicing what I Preach – Context and Text

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SEO is not ADWORDS but the two are not mutually exclusive. The intention of this post is to show one important feature of SEO. Consequently, I think this is the MOST IMPORTANT SEO TIP because it affects search engines, adwords and humans. If you haven’t guessed what the SEO tip is yet, it is to write web pages with RELEVANT text and context Firstly, I’m not afraid to say that I have been using the internet, instructing or advising users and creating web pages since before SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and even before Google existed. I have seen some very […]